Girona, to do, or not to do…

Girona, to do, or not to do…

May 5, 2017 Barcelona Enabled

If you consider to visit Girona with a wheelchair,  one of the most authentic and historical diverse cities of Spain, read this review.  We have checked out its accessibility (and double checked, and triple checked) especially since we see that  wheelchair accessible tours are offered to go to Girona. We have never offered it in our itinerary, because we had our doubts if it would be a pleasant experience. Why?

Girona is built on a hill, quite steep. And it has these beautiful, narrow, cobble stone streets, which convert into stairs to help climb through the old town. But Girona has also a newer, more flat area that also has quite some sights to offer. If you adjust your expectations, let us help you to plan your day together with some great professionals that will help you to overcome the mountain, you can have a wonderful day! Check out our picture impressions, and if you would like us to give you the full explanation, book this tour!

And give Claudia of the Girona tourism office a huge applause. She dedicated a year to investigate every corner of Girona and comment about its accessibility. Check out this link:

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