Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Sagrada Familia accessible for wheelchairs?

The interior of the Sagrada Familia is well adapted for wheelchair users. However you have to take into account that it´s still a work in progress and wheelchair accessible ramps might change because of building. The lifts that go up into the towers are not accessible by wheelchair.

Is Parc Guëll accessible for wheelchairs?

Even though the Parc Guëll has published a map with a wheelchair accessible route, the park is a challenge for wheelchair users. To get to the parc it´s highly recommendable to use a taxi because it´s built on a steep hill. The parc as well is not flat and the route that´s proposed goes in loops. Not all the paths are paved and are not advisable to do by electric wheelchair. Realise the obstacles and enjoy if you´re up for it!

Is Camp Nou accessible wheelchairs?

The stadium of one of the world’s best football club is only partially accessible for wheelchair users. The interactive section, the museum and a spectacular view inside the stadium are easily accessible. Unfortunately the locker rooms, pitch level and press room (Camp Nou calls this ´the experience´) are only reachable by stairs.

Where is the best place to stay in the city?

Even though the most common question to get accommodation close to the ´centre´ or close to ´Las Ramblas´ I recommend you to set this notion aside. The main areas of Barcelona are the Eixample (in English this means expansion) or the old neighbourhood. The old neighbourhood is characterised by its narrow streets around Las Ramblas. In summer the tourists crowd around this area and both day and night it can be quite noisy and smelly.

The Eixample area is big and stretches from one side of Barcelona to the other side. The central street is Paseo de Gracia where you will also find the Gaudi houses. But the Sagrada Familia, beach and Camp Nou are all spread out over the city.

I recommend you to stay close to public transportation and don´t go for cheap of popular because there´re better deals to get.