The situation in Barcelona

The situation in Barcelona

november 8, 2017 Barcelona Enabled

In recent weeks many of you have seen images of unrest in Barcelona. I would like to share with you how I have been experiencing the situation in the city and give you an idea of what you can expect when you decide to travel to Barcelona.

Your stay won´t be affected by the political situation!

The Catalan people are divided about secession of Spain. Roughly half of the people see a better future when Catalonia becomes a separate state. The other half sees Catalonia as a part of Spain and don´t support seceding. Both sides have organised demonstrations to let their voice be heard. The demonstrations have been peaceful and visited by many people that could´ve been you, your neighbour or friends. The demonstration are peaceful and last about 2 hours and then dissolve.

What can happen to you when you visit Barcelona?
– It could be that a street in the centre of Barcelona is closed off because of a demonstration and you have to take a different route if you´re by car. When you have to return to the airport i.e. you might want to leave your hotel earlier, but you will be advised about this in advance.
– During a demonstration some parts of the centre can be very crowded with people that are participating. Some of the main sights of the city (i.e Casa Battló, Casa Mila, Plaza St. Jaume) might be hard to reach and it would be better to visit them at another moment.

Barcelona will always have its charm, lovely Mediterranean climate, good food, nice people and unlimited amount of interesting sights to visit. Don´t hesitate to book your trip to Barcelona. You will have a great time regardless of the political situation.

Sunny greetings from Barcelona,

Mirjam Stibbe
Owner and director of Barcelona-Enabled
Reservations and consultant of MIC´s Sant Jordi

Tel: + 34 685052628
[email protected]

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