Palau Guëll

Palau Guëll

april 13, 2017 Barcelona Enabled

It´s been there for a while, it has also been closed for some years when renovations were carried out, but it should not be forgotten; Palau Guëll. Strangely enough it´s not on most people´s bucket list and it seems it doesn´t get the attention it deserves.
On a visit to check wheelchair accessibility of this beautiful Modernist masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, I was deeply impressed. Both by the building as by the efforts that were made to make it accessible to everyone! It was one of the first big works Gaudi designed and it was already innovative. The extreme details to how to entertain guests and organise musical performances were impressive.
During the renovations most original structures were kept, but special measurements were taken for blind, deaf and people with a physical impairment. There is an Ipad with the explanation of the building with a sign language interpreter, a model of the building with different textures and braille explanation. For wheelchair users you have to take into account that the original lifts were kept, but there are smaller wheelchairs where you can transfer into so you can visit the upper floors. The employees of Palau Guëll have received special training to help to do the transfer to the other chair. Employees will also have to stay close to you to help you access the different areas (so take advantage of that and ask them some extra details 😉 )
Of course you will skip the line, but take into account that not more than 2 wheelchair users can access at the same time. Check the pictures for extra information about accessibility.

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